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What do Aussies like doing for fun? Outdoors, sports, beer, BBQs, beach, and, of course, pokies! Nothing quite beats the thrill of spinning the reels of an adrenaline-fuelled, fun-themed pokie and watching the rewards pile up thanks to multiple bonus features.

New South Wales was the first state in Australia to legalize pokies back in 1956, but nowadays, one can find pokies in clubs, pubs, racing tracks, and casinos.

According to the Australian Productivity Commission and to the online newspaper Australian Times, Australia has more pokies per capita than any other country in the world, except the small “casino paradises” Monaco and Macau. This huge business is not only a much appreciated one by people (30% of the population confirmed having played pokies at least once in the last year) but it is also very profitable for the state: almost $3.5 billion where collected in taxes alone in 2013-2014.

Thanks to the wide popularity of the game and thanks to the technological progress, you don’t need to travel far to enjoy this game. In fact, you do not need to travel at all, since you can find everything you need for a nice gaming session on your computer. Online pokies are extremely popular at casinos across cyberspace. They are simple to understand and they easily grab the attention of any player with the bright colours, intense graphics, sound effects, and, of course, list of possible payout options available!

Benefits of Playing Pokies Online

It is very easy to play pokies online and enjoy all the benefits that it provides to all the players.

Obviously, the primary benefit is that you can play online pokies as much as you want from the comfort of your own home. Sit in your most comfortable chair in your favourite room and start playing for as long as you like. You do not have to get dressed and you do not have to travel anywhere. Lunch break at work? Then fire up the computer and have some fun!

Another factor is their highly rewarding potential. These games have been especially created to see those credits come piling in fast through features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus symbols. Free spins, multipliers as well as bonus games increase the winning potential even more.

Moreover, online pokies are secure, safe, and fair. uses the latest security programmes and encryption services to ensure that every player is safe while playing online, whether they play for real money or for free.

Which leads to the next benefit: You can play for real money or for fun. If you play for real money, there are machines that will suit any budget: there are a variety of minimum and max bet options for reserved players and high rollers alike. And if you play for free, you do not have to make any kind of deposit - just play for fun. Even when there is fake money at stake, online pokies are still super fun!

Playing Pokies at Casino Midas

So what types of pokies can you expect to find at Casino Midas? The real question should be what can’t you find?! There is so many choices at this site that there’ll never be a dull moment in your life again.

If you’re looking for simple, traditional fun, check out the classic 3 reel options. If you’re into more challenging and rewarding games, the video slot games at this site are second to none and incorporate games with different themes, characters, story lines, immersive plots, and non-stop action. Moreover, every month, we are updating and bringing in brand new games to choose from. Some of the top choices today are Achilles, inspired by the ancient Greek mythology, T-Rex for those who are fascinated by dinosaurs and adventures, and Naughty or Nice, where 2 gracious ladies escort you on a Christmas themed challenge where you might get a very hot reward.

You can enjoy all these 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whenever you want. Our machines have wagering limits that suit all types of players – from budget oriented players to high rollers who love the challenge of a big wager. The biggest decision you’ll have to make when playing our games at Casino Midas is which game to start playing and how much to bet!

To play the best online pokies, players only have to sign up at our casino. However, an exciting games portfolio is not the only reason players should register at Casino Midas. What’s more, players can play their favorite pokies in the instant play as well as download our software to have an even larger choice and a smooth game dynamic. As mentioned before, you will have the possibility to play for free too. This is a great opportunity that you wouldn’t find in a traditional casino. Casino Midas not only gives you the chance to feel like in a real betting hall in Las Vegas or in Macau, but it will allow it to experience it for free, thanks to fully functioning demo versions. Lastly, another crucial reason to play with us is the outstanding bonus system that we offer. In particular, a Slots Only Bonus will contribute to make your gaming sessions at the pokies even more exciting and potentially rewarding.


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