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Online Roulette is an unmatched and iconic virtual betting experience at Casino Midas AU, where every game gives players the golden touch. Watch the reel spin and the ball come clattering to a stop in a pocket. Place bets on where you think the balls going to stop, press spin, and get ready for a suspenseful thrill ride that rivals our land-based casino counterparts. Not only is it the same setup that you’d find at a brick-and-mortar casino, but you can hover your cursor over the different areas to see the payouts, easily place and clear bets, and take advantage of our easy “Repeat” bet feature. We go above and beyond at Casino Midas, with animation, graphics, and sound effects for a level of quality that are, as our name suggests, pure gold.

The Origins

The game Roulette was invented in the eighteenth century in France. The board itself is a fusion between different games like Roly-Poly, Ace of Hearts and a few others. Since 1796 the game has been played the way we play it now.

The name Roulette comes from a French word meaning "little wheel". The table is split into two. On one side of the table there is a wheel, divided into black and red slots with numbers written on every slot. Then, on the other half of the table, there is a chart that is divided into main sections and these are divided into sub sections. The main sections are numbered one, two and three. The subsections are numbered, starting at one and ending at thirty six.

Basic Gameplay

Roulette is made up of three distinct parts: the reel, the table, and the ball. The reel has 36 numbers, half red and half black. The outside betting areas, where you bet for payouts that are either 1 to 1 or 2 to 1, have the lowest payouts but the highest likelihood of winning. The inside betting areas are where you can bet on specific numbers for lower odds but higher payouts.

Players place bets on either a single number, a pair of numbers or one of two colours, black or red. Once a bet is placed, the croupier spins the wheel and the game starts. The small ball spins in the opposite direction of the spinning of the wheel and eventually it drops into one of the slots of the wheel. This determines the winning number and the end of this round of the game.

Here is the list of different bets you can make while playing online roulette:

  • Straight Bet: A single bet on a single number.
  • Split Bet: A single bet on two numbers.
  • Street Bet: A single bet on three numbers.
  • Corner Bet: A single bet on four numbers.
  • Six Line Bet: Also known as a Double Street. You place a chip on both a number in the inside betting area and an area on the outside betting area.
  • Trio Bet: You place two separate bets on both of the possible zero pocket Split Bet spaces.
  • Basket Bet: On the American variation, a basket bet is when you bet on the numbers 0, 1, and 2; 0, 00, and 2; or 00, 2, and 3.
  • Top Line Bet: This is a bet where in one single bet, you cover the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.
  • 1-18 Bet: Self-explanatory. You place one outside bet that applies to the numbers 1-18.
  • 19-36 Bet: You place one outside bet that applies to the numbers 19-36.
  • Red or Black Bet: Betting on either all the Red pockets or all the Black pockets with one bet.
  • Even or Odd Bet: Betting on all of the even or odd numbers with one bet.
  • Dozen Bets: An outside bet where you can bet on a third of the numbers in one bet.
  • Column Bets: Place twelve separate bets on twelve numbers in sequential order.
  • Snake Bets: Place twelve separate bets on the numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.

This list may look overwhelming, but it's easy to learn and, once you start playing, you'll really get a hang of it.

Online Roulette at Casino Midas

By playing roulette at our online casino, you’ll enjoy similar satisfaction, if not more satisfaction, then actually placing your bets at a real table in a land based casino. Our quality is unmatched, the pressure of being surrounded by people is non-existent, and the betting minimums and maximums are much more flexible than the vast majority of brick-and-mortar casinos around the world.

We offer the two most popular variations of the game: European roulette and American roulette. People prefer one or the other for different reasons, but they both contain the same iconic setup and beautiful winning potential that has garnered Roulette international household name recognition. You can just jump right into either variation without needing to download by visiting our website, and instantly start placing bets, spinning the reel, and winning some money. There’s no need to download a thing, and the graphics, animation, and sound effects are truly peerless.

You can also play our Roulette variations for free in our demo practice mode. Feel free to experience the thrill without placing any real money down, and practice your strategy so that when you want to win real money, you can do so like a pro. Whether you’re brand new or a seasoned vet, it never hurts to practice.

If you get tired of all the action, which is unlikely but certainly not impossible, you have instant access to our slew of other games, from card game classics like Blackjack and Poker, to other table favourites like Craps, to video excitement with Slots and Video Poker, to some of the more exotic specialty games, like Keno! When it comes to the overall virtual betting experience, there’s no place like Casino Midas.

Make sure, when you join, to take advantage of our massive Welcome Bonuses. We double your first deposit, match your second by 150%, and triple your third deposit. That’s a ton of free money that you can use to win real money! We also have great promos that continue on long after your third deposit and never stop!

If you like playing traditional roulette then you'll love online roulette. Enjoy all the fun and excitement of a real casino, but from the comfort of your home. Come try it!


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